Sustainable development

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The global sustainable development as we know it, articulated through 17 goals (SDGs), focus on 4 dimensions of our lives. This Lunch Bag Bite will take you through the 4 dimensions and point to the overall commitment to Leave No One Behind.

The 4 dimensions of sustainable development are about how we live, how we earn our money, how we put pressure on our environment and how we organize ourselves in doing so. But there is also a very important obligation in the SDGs, a promise that while we are striving to go towards sustainable development, we should ensure that no one is left behind. The concept Universal Design is useful in that regard. Universal design proposes an active way of initiating Leave No One Behind. You design processes, you design things, and you design space, in such a way that it for all of us.


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Leaving no one behind – A Nordic movement for change
A discussion paper How can Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland use the Global Disability Summit 2018 to further the Sustainable Development Goals and their emphasis on Leave No One Behind? The International Disability Alliance

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Jens Wandel

Acting Executive Director at UNOPS.

Chairperson for Danish UN Association.


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