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On this page you will find knowledge and reflections on the value-based design concept of universal design, which is one of the keys to creating a more inclusive society.

It is important for several reasons: Denmark has committed to the Sustainable Development Goals and the overarching principle of Leave No One Behind. In 2009, Denmark also ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which is based on universal design and thus commits Denmark to ensuring that everyone, regardless of disability, can use buildings, facilities and other products.

It is partly based on this background and social contract that the Bevica Foundation has established the Universal Design Hub, which aims to disseminate and create new interdisciplinary knowledge about universal design in a Danish context.

All this knowledge about universal design can be found on this site.

Universal design for beginners – get started

Universal design is a relatively new concept in a Danish context. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated to get started using it.

By thinking in terms of universal design, we can design our environments so that more people have the opportunity to participate and make an impact. You can be part of it too.

Get started with universal design

Universal design and the SDGs

SDG Wheel

People with disabilities are not included in the reporting of the SDGs in Denmark. This was revealed in a report from VIVE which highlights the UN Sustainable Development Goals and disability in Denmark.

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Research network

The Bevica Foundation Interdisciplinary Research Network consists of researchers who all work with the value-based concept of universal design in their respective fields.

Meet the research network

Bevica Scholarship Programme

The Bevica Foundation invites students and lecturers at Danish universities, university colleges and design schools to take part in the Bevica Scholarship Programme. The programme supports innovative and bold thinkers to investigate how their profession can contribute to the development of universal design as a lever for the pledge in the Sustainable Development Goals to Leave No One Behind in the journey towards a more inclusive and sustainable society for all – regardless of ability.

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Bevica Scholarship