The ideal human does not exist. We are all different; in height and breadth, age and gender, in functional capacity and needs. And our functional capacity changes throughout our lives. Diversity in functional capacity is therefore the rule rather than the exception, which is why it should be included when we shape and future-proof the physical surroundings of our daily lives.

The ambition of Universal Design Hub is to be the instigator of a process that alters our understanding of the ideal human. To do this, we will proliferate the value-based term Universal design to help fulfil the pledge of Leave No One Behind from the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Research network

Universal Design Hub facilitates the Bevica interdisciplinary research network to strengthen universal design as a research-based, interdisciplinary field of knowledge with researchers from a wide range of disciplines. 

The researchers all work with Universal Design, accessibility, disability, inclusion or the SDGs within their own field.

Meet the members of the network
Bevica Scholarship Programme

Bevica Fonden invites students and lecturers at Danish universities, university colleges and design schools to take part in the Bevica Scholarship Programme. The programme supports innovative and bold thinkers to investigate how their profession can contribute to the development of universal design as a lever for the pledge in the Sustainable Development Goals to Leave No One Behind in the journey towards a more inclusive and sustainable society for all – regardless of ability.

Bevica Scholarship Programme

Universal design is about creating equivalent solutions that ensure that everyone – including people with disabilities – is considered in the entire design of society.  Leave No One Behind has an overarching function in the SDGs: In the joint efforts to create a better and more sustainable world with the SDGs as a guiding star, we must remember to ensure that no one – neither groups nor individuals – is left on the platform, while the rest of the world gets on the train.

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